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Always fresh timetable!

No timetable board informing when the bus will arrive?

No problem!
1. Take your mobile device
2. Launch ARBUS App
3. Point the phone at the stop sign and experience the 
Augmented Reality!
It's easy!
Actual arrival times (also delays)!
Stops search and favourite list!
Geolocation of stops!
We have data for the entire Tri-City!
We use Open ZTM Data in Gdańsk!

We are in:

We are on iOS and Android!

Abolutely for FREE!
Looking for an innovative form of advertising?
ARBusoffers a unique way of presenting advertising content. Whenever a user displays an info sheet in Augmented Reality, your promotional video can be played below! Your ad in our app is a guaranteed global WOW effect!

Questions? Contact us!